There are many advantages of using cedar lumber. While cedar lumber costs more than many other woods it can make the extra cost worth it.


One of the most advantageous things about cedar lumber is it repels insects, including termites. Many years ago when cedar was plentiful, many houses were framed of cedar and clapboard siding was made of cedar. There were also cedar plank roofs on homes in some areas of the country. Many older home rehabbers are delighted to find cedar used in their homes when they do work.


Cedar lumber  also resists rot naturally. This also made it a natural for home construction and siding many years ago. It is also a good choice if you are building a deck, patio or pergolla for an outdoor living space. Fencing   is another good use for cedar for its low maintenance. Another advantage of using cedar for these projects is you don't need to stain it, varnish or waterproof it as it will age to a beautiful color in a few years.


Of course cedar is known for its wonderful aroma which makes it the choice for hot tub surrounds and saunas. The oil in cedar wood will allow it to bead up and resist water naturally.