Hourwall Designer Panel

Hourwall is the mastermind behind some of the very best faux panels in the world. Hourwall panels are made of high-density polyurethane and are cast from real concrete, brick, and barn wood by skilled artisans. This makes them extremely durable and lightweight while maintaning an incredibly realistic finish.

Transform Your Space with DIY-friendly faux Brick, Concrete, and Wood Wall Panels
Give any feature wall in your home a modernized look with easy-to-install faux stone, brick, concrete, and wood wall panels.

Premium Quality Wall Panels and More

We offer the absolute best do-it-yourself wall panel products to elevate your space.

Made in North America using high-density polyurethane and the finest finishing compounds, Hourwall’s wall panels are the most realistic faux panels on the market. Give any home or commercial space a chic look and feel in an afternoon. Hourwall’s easy installation makes it an affordable and essential solution for bringing your walls to life.


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Hourwall Designer Panel
Hourwall Designer Panel