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Triburon Marble
Triburon Marble

Triburon Marble

Cali Shorebreak Laminate

Tiburon Marble CALI Laminate Shorebreak

100% waterproof planks made for kitchens, bathrooms, and below grade

Highly scratch resistant and easy to clean in busy homes with kids and pets

Built-in underlayment cushion for quieter rooms and better comfort

Tiles are lightweight and click-lock for fast, DIY projects -- no glue or nails required.

There is a 48 hour acclimation period.

Product Highlights
FloorScore certified with undetectable VOC levels for healthy homes
Strengthened by a high density wood based core for stability and durability
Authentic stone look and feel with no plastic top-finish
Backed by a 50-year residential warranty / 15-year commercial warranty

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