UV Plus – Penetrating Oil Finish for Decks, Fences and Siding

UV Plus – Penetrating Oil Finish for Decks, Fences and Siding

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UV Plus –Penetrating Oil Finish for Decks, Fences and Siding

Your home deserves the highest quality wood finishes available.Messmer’s is known for producing premium finishes without compromise. Our UV Plusand Timberflex lines, Composite Deck Finish and Decking Stain,Wood and Deck Cleaning and Brightening products are all formulated for maximum performance and results. While others have cut costs and cut corners, we remain dedicated to upholding the standard of quality that we have developed over the years.

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To understand a deck stain and its potential longevity, look at the main reasons deck stains fail:

  • UV rays from the sun will damage the wood resulting in degradation of the wood cell structure. This will break down the stain while causing the wood to oxidize (turn gray).
    Water, snow, and ice will cause damage to the wood by breaking down the exposed cellular structure.
    Freeze/thaw will expand and contract the wood resulting in the stain “bond” with the wood cells to fail.
    Mold, mildew, and algae will leave the wood unsightly/dirty and can result in rotting.
    High traffic areas will leave “wearing” patterns.
    The previous stain used was of low quality or applied poorly.
    The Stain was not applied properly or the wood was not prepped properly prior to application. Bad prep is the number one reason stains prematurely fail!

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