Line -Wildlife Split Railing Fencing

Split Rail Fencing

Line & Wildlife Split Rail Fencing

We also supply 6’6”, 7’6” and 10’ split rail/post options. These posts are not pre-drilled and the rails are not notched. All line posts are blunt so all post holes need to be augured and tamped.

These types of post and rails are well suited for wire fencing applications or rails can be lagged onto posts for wildlife management and for livestock enclosure applications.

Western Red Cedar has a natural preservative which is organic and non-toxic. Our products are easy to dispose of and contain NO toxic man-made chemicals that can leach out into the environment and affect livestock or wildlife. Because of Western Red Cedars’ environmentally friendly qualities posts are well-suited for use in agriculture, wildlife management or for use in organic farms. Western Red Cedar is especially well suited for use around water bodies or in riparian areas.

According to Canada Oceans & Fisheries, Western Red Cedar is a preferred building material for use in and around water bodies as it has natural preservatives which improve product longevity in wet environments.

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