Classic Split Rail Fencing

Split Rail Fencing

Classic Split Railing Fencing

These types of systems utilize the un-drilled posts or un-notched rail rails in various ways such as; stacking snake rail, 2 post stacking rail and 2 post & 2 rail.

The "Classic" stacking snake rail fence is best suited for situations where the ground is extremely difficult to auger holes into, like solid rock, rocky or highly treed-rooted areas. Any length or size of post or rail can be used to "stack" in a zig zag or snake like fashion over your landscape. The 2 posts stacking rail systems has been around for a very long time. Split cedar rails are placed between two posts in a stacked fashion. Often a wire or carriage bolt is used to secure the tops of the posts. The 2 post stacking fence is very solid and will be around for a very long time.

This type of system traditionally has been used for livestock enclosures but in more recent times has been designed to make really cool "rustic" parks or green area fencing. The last style is the 2 post 2 rail system. It has two posts with two rails which have carriage bolts holding the rails in place. Forms of these "Classic Old Country" systems have been around for centuries and can used to create barriers that are both functional and look fantastic.